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Theatre Board

PRESIDENT: Lori Peterson


TREASURER: Matt Summers


Costume Committee: Jae Anderson and Liz Erickson

Light/Sound: Gary Lukes, Matt Summers


There are meetings for those interested in maintaining theatrical productions in Spring Valley. It is open to any attendees.

2023 Stagehand meetings are scheduled for:

September 24, November 5, and December 3.

Meetings start at 7:00 p.m. at the Spring Valley Theatre.

About the Stagehands

From very humble beginnings as the local movie house converted to a simple theatre stage, an energetic group of theatre buffs have been committed to providing an outlet for talented, local individuals to present popular entertainment.

Now, in our 38th year, the Stagehands Theatre is a little fancier and a lot more comfortable than 1985. The stage is larger, the theatre seats have been re-covered, it's undergone several layers of paint, and a few generations of performers and audiences have traveled through the original entrance doors. One can still enjoy a bag of popcorn with the show and read about each performer in the programs. It's still a thrill when the audience lights go down and the stage lights go up as a signal that another show is about to begin. And, it's always amazing that so many dynamic people make their way to this small town to share and volunteer their time, expertise, and talents on (and off) the stage.

In an evolving world of digital and social media, it's good to know that there's still a place for live theatrical shows. Spring Valley can be very proud of this little main street theatre and the stage plays, musicals, and concerts produced here. Come and be a part of the fun!

New members are always welcome! If you have an interest in acting, singing, dancing, directing, painting, set designing, sewing and costumes, make-up application, hair styling, digital design and layout, lights and/or sound design, organizational skills, house managing, or if you just like to pop popcorn, simply contact one of the board members to volunteer. We treasure each new talent that comes our way.


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