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Tickets are on sale now!

Tickets are available online now. Just click the TICKETS tab above and you will be taken to a page that describes the seating for this show and the process for buying tickets online.

If you should have any trouble with the process, be sure to let us know! You can either use the CONTACT tab or email to We've already switched someone's tickets for another night and are prepared to help you in any way possible.

Be aware that there are some OBSTRUCTED VIEW seats. At this time, those are not even being released for purchase, although at some later point, they might be if the show looks like it will sell out. They are to the right of the theatre as you enter. Seats 1 and 2 in Rows A-J.

Tickets are selling quickly already! Don't wait too long - get your tickets in hand as soon as possible!!! You can choose to print them right at home, or you can pay a small fee of $2 to have them sent in the mail or saved at the ticket booth prior to the performance you choose.

We're very excited to have Gary Lukes and Terry Bowen as directors of this beautiful show. They're doing a great job getting the performers ready.

I'm excited because I get to go take pictures again tonight - this time in full costume/makeup and with lights. Look for some pictures to get posted tomorrow sometime!

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