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The Drawer Boy is now part of our history...

What a good show! Hope you were able to see it!

Lori Peterson always selects such interesting and unique shows to bring to our theatre. In this one, World War II post-traumatic symptoms were mixed liberally with an affable and lifelong friendship, farm facts, and jokes on a young visitor to the farmhouse.

With just three actors on the stage (Derek Huebel, Gary Lukes, and Jon Tanberg), the concern was if it would draw many people to see it. Lori did a great job of promoting this production to Veteran groups, farming groups and publications, and the general public in the surrounding areas. Along with the great "buzz" of having (in particular) Gary and Jon reunited in a stage production, this show was seen by approximately 600 theatre-goers!

And now it's done. It's become another show in our great 31-year history. As always, we thank everyone who attends, volunteers, donates, and supports this community theatre.

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