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Hard at Work!

There's SO much going on right now it's CRAZY!

First, Director Jae Anderson is taking acts for the 2016 Folliez - a chance for local talents of all kinds to show off on our stage. Contact her at 715-772-4684 if you want to be in the show. The Folliez takes place during the Spring Valley Dam Days celebration - just one show on Saturday, September 16.

Then, Director Lori Peterson has her cast for "Drawer Boy" (Derek Huebel, Gary Lukes, and Jon Tanberg are the talented actors) and they've just started rehearsals for the performances in early November.

Matt Summers is going above-and-beyond; studying, analyzing, and buying stage lights galore. With help from Gary Lukes, Gregg Deutsch, and Ann Turner, there is going to be a new, more energy-efficient, and dependable light system in place soon. It's a work-in-progress.

Also, renovation and redecoration of the theatre lobby has begun! Carter Turner worked very hard cutting and jackhammering out the lobby steps and laying concrete. Ann Turner will work on putting down new tile, and Ellen Rominski will wield a paintbrush as they push to get the first phase of changes done in time for the Folliez in just a few weeks.


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